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  • About S-U-F

What is S-U-F?

S-U-F is a global membership-based initiative focusing on “Smart University” as an innovative holistic concept for expanding the understanding and implementation of new technologies, sustainability transformations, best academic practices, and current trends in management & leadership for a better future of higher education

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  • Our Strategy

The Ecosystem

A “Smarter University” will enhance the chance of having stronger and better societies and communities. The ecosystem of universities is not limited to academicians, staff, and students.  It also includes officials, experts, global institutions, corporations, and NGOs. Their voices, concerns, and opinions must be included when thinking about current issues and future aspirations.
S-U-F Ecosystem
  • Global Representation

160+ Countries

S-U-F is envisioned to become a global foundation with founders representing 160+ countries from education ministries, universities, corporations, NGOs, students, in addition to experts and consultants.
Founders’ Corner

News & Updates

S-U-F Timeline


An Idea is here!

An Idea is here!

Smart University Forum is Envisioned

  • Founder: Prof. Bassem K. Khafagy
  • 5 Global Experts (Belgium, Egypt, Italy, UK, US)
  • Focus on the future of universities globally
  • Impact of new technologies & innovative management


Cooperation with Universities

  • Consulting Team was formed
  • Started to explore collaboration with universities
  • First agreement was signed
Identity & Events

Identity & Events

Events & Workshops

  • A series of Global Seminars and Workshops
  • Part of the Festival d’Europa celebration, 2013
  • S-U-F is Internationally Recognized
  • Events Invitations & Participations


SUF Identity

  • A new Identity is announced
  • Website was launched,
  • International advisers committee was formed


SUF13, Cairo

  • An International Conference, SUF13
  • Sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt
  • Postponed due to political unrest / Coup
Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus

Strategic Domains

  • 6 Strategic Domains for a “Smart University” were selected
    1. Smart Campus    2. Smart Education      3. Smart Research
    4. Smart People      5. Smart Governance   6. Smart Influence



  • Smart University Forum started a series of seminars
  • Increase and Expand awareness of “Smart University” as a concept
  • Social network presence and media activities started
Going Global

Going Global

Forming SUFglobal

  • An organization was formed to manage the S-U-F Initiative
  • Headquarters was selected to be San Diego, California, USA
  • Expand awareness, and organize activities was needed
  • Executive Committee is Selected
  • S-U-F as an imitative is now a registered USA organization


First Regional Office

  • An office in Middle East was opened to manage MENA Activities
  • Joint Collaborations and MoUs were signed with regional partners
“Smart University”

“Smart University”

University Tours

  • The “Smart University” holistic approach is explained
  • Local and regional universities tours
  • Meetings with 15 local universities for case studies
  • Visiting and contacting 25 regional universities


The “Smart University”

  • First ”Success Partner” university was selected
  • An MoU and a collaboration agreement was signed
  • A new series of seminars and presentations on “Smart University”
  • The holistic approach of the “Smart University” emphasized
Projects & Ideas

Projects & Ideas


  • A new patent-pending success-skills initiative is introduced
  • PASSIU is presented as part of the “Smart Education” domain
  • The initiative is presented to universities locally and regionally
  • PASSIU presents a new concept for student success
  • 1st Stage of PASSIU would be implemented in 2021-2025


INNOVOA .. The Next Wave

  • International education in developing countries is studied
  • A new concept and approach is developed (INNOVOA)
  • Agreements with two universities (EU, and USA) was signed
  • Encourage innovation, reform and implementation of INNOVOA concepts
  • INNOVOA would be implemented in 2020
A new Vision

A new Vision

Focus & Consolidate

  • “Smart University Foundation” was envisioned and formed
  • A new vision to expand the “Smart University” concept was developed
  • Blend theories, practical ideas, global awareness, and empowerment


A Prototype University

  • The world still lacks a real model of a practical affordable “Smart University”
  • “Global Media University” is envisioned to become such a model
  • It will be born as a “Smart University”


Global Academic Community

  • S-U-F aspires to be the voice of a “Global Academic Community”
  • Representing 250+ Million Stakeholders, and 30000+ universities
  • The world of universities is not limited to the ranked 1000+


Global Founders

  • The search for “best minds” to shape the future of universities started
  • Founders for Smart university Foundation must be global
  • A grass-root membership-based organization is needed to serve
  • Enriching debates about the future of higher education is needed
A Global Foundation

A Global Foundation

A Foundation is Formed

  • S-U-F is expanding to become a global organization
  • It is registered as a non-profit foundation in California, USA
  • As of 2019, S-U-F has 200+ founders from 88+ countries
  • Founders include Leaders, Academicians, Experts & Students
  • Also represent Gov. Agencies, Universities, Corporations, and NGOs.


ALEF is Introduced

  • Academic Leaders & Executives Forum (ALEF) was held in Ankara, Turkey
  • University leaders to address educational, operational, & innovation agendas
  • ALEF is a network of academic influencers and university executives
  • ALEF19 was a one-day event preceded by pre-forum workshops


SUFtalks Started

  • A 1-day event in collaboration with universities, corporations, and NGOs
  • An informal regional meeting serving universities leaders & executives
  • International keynote speakers and guest experts
  • Debates and panel discussions focusing on strategic topics
COVID19 Impact

COVID19 Impact

An Endemic Era

  • The world slowed down.  Academia is struggling
  • Most activities and events were put on hold
  • Global uncertainty regarding the implications for higher education
  • S-U-F engaged in studying the academic & economic impact
  • Zoom meetings and events replaced face to face
  • Review the impact of formal online learning under lockdowns


W-S-U is Envisioned

  • A platform for all stakeholders focusing on the future of higher education
  • The first meeting point for 30,000+ universities world wide
  • An International Organization (IO) and a global initiative founded in 2019
  • A PPP initiative (Public-Private Partnership) led by an independent board
  • “World Summit on Universities, WSU” will be inaugurated on November 2022


Media Division & Akadimya TV

  • Create S-U-F media division in collaboration with global media agencies
  • Focus on serving media needs for 30,000+ Universities
  • Envision Akadimya TV. and first global online TV broadcast for Universities
  • A new TV documentary series (titled: The Next Wave)
  • The series is about the future of higher education in the world


EMEA Office

  • S-U-F to open an EMEA office in Antalya, Turkey in 2021
  • The focus of SUF-EMEA is (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
  • Oversee ALEF, SUFtalks, in addition to regional events, seminars, & workshops
  • SUF-EMEA will start in 2021


University Leadership Center, ULC Initiative

  • A consortium of 5 universities from different world’s regions
  • Working together to empower, develop, and support leaders in universities
  • Promote leadership development, mentoring and support
  • Focus on academicians, staff, and executives in universities
  • The initiative will be following an interdependency management model
  • ULC would start in early 2022
Re-imagine University

Re-imagine University

Post COVID Era

  • The future role of universities and other institutes of higher learning
  • What is next: The traditional lecture model is ripe for disruption
  • COVID-19 is a catalyst to progressing to Universities 4.0
  • Re-thinking higher education & restructure universities


IDU is Announced

  • To Designate the 7th of November as “International Day of Universities”, IDU
  • A day to celebrate global university impact on humanity
  • Raise awareness of challenges & opportunities facing higher education
  • IDU would be first celebrated on Monday, 07 November 2022


Strategic Focus 2.0

  1. Excellence in Education
  2. Innovative Research
  3. Active Academicians
  4. Staff Empowerment
  5. Total Quality – Ranking
  6. Digital Transformation
  7. Sustainable & Smart Campus
  8. Creative Collaboration
  9. Internationalization & Recruitment
  10. Budgeting & Grants
  11. Re-Thinking Governance
  12. Smart Influence


2020-2025 Memberships Drive

  • S-U-F to initiate a global membership drive
  • Memberships categories include:
    1. Universities          2. NGOs          3. University Leaders
    4. Academicians      5. Staff           6. Experts/Consultants/Advisers
    7. Students (Grad – Undergrad.)    8. Corporations

Strategic & Focus Areas

S-U-F projects & services are focused on 10 Domains. They are:

Success Partners

1. Universities

Recent Universities Joining or Supporting the Mission of S-U-F

2. Organizations

Recent Foundations & Organizations Supporting and Working with S-U-F

3. Corporations

Recent Global Corporations Joining & Collaborating with S-U-F

Smart University Foundation

The Future of Higher Education

“Lead, Empower, and Serve Universities Stakeholders for a “Smarter”​ future for Global Higher Education”

a global membership-based initiative focusing on “Smart University” as an innovative holistic concept for expanding the understanding and implementation of new technologies, sustainability transformations, best academic practices, and current trends in management & leadership for a better future of higher education

Prof. Bassem Khafagy

Secretary General, S-U-F

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