About Smart University Foundation

What is S-U-F:

Smart University Foundation aims to “Lead, Empower, and Serve Universities Stakeholders for a “Smarter”​ future of Global Higher Education”.

S-U-F is a global membership-based initiative focusing on “Smart University” as an innovative holistic concept for expanding the understanding and implementation of new technologies, sustainability transformations, best academic practices, and current trends in management & leadership for a better future of higher education

Smart University Foundation focuses on eight domains. They are:

  1. Smart Campus
  2. Smart Education
  3. Smart Research
  4. Smart People
  5. Smart Quality
  6. Smart Recruitment
  7. Smart Governance
  8. Smart Influence


Universities, Colleges, and Higher Education Institutes


Local, National, Regional, and Int’l Higher Education Organizations


Smart Applications, Consulting, IoT, BlockChains, etc.

Government Agencies

Ministries of Higher Education, Councils, Boards, etc

Scientists and Researchers

In different fields relating to “Smarter Universities”

S-U-F will enhance collaboration and communication between stakeholders and global decision makers

News & Updates

S-U-F Time-line

2012: An Idea is here!

Smart University Forum is Envisioned

Founder: Prof. Bassem K. Khafagy
Led by 5 Global Experts (Egypt, Italy, UK,US)
Focus on the future of universities globally
Impact of new technologies & innovative management

Cooperation with Universities

Consulting Team was formed
Started to explore collaboration with universities

First agreement was signed

2013: Events

Events & Workshops

A series of Global Seminars and Workshops


Part of the Festival d’Europa celebration, 2013

SUF Identity

A new Identity is announced
Website was launched, S-U-F.org
International advisers committee was formed

SUF13, Cairo

An International Conference, SUF13
Sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt
Postponed due to political unrest / Coup
2014: Seminars & Publications

Publications and Seminars

Smart University Forum started a series of seminars

Increase and Expand awareness of “Smart University” as a concept

Social network presence and media activities started

SUF Focus Domains

6 Focus Domains for a “Smart University” were selected

1. Smart Campus   2. Smart Education     3. Smart Research

4. Smart People     5. Smart Governance  6. Smart Influence

2015: SUFglobal

Forming SUFglobal

An organization was formed to manage the Initiative

Headquarters was selected to be San Diego, California, USA

Expand awareness, and organize activities was needed

First Regional Office

An office in Middle East was opened to manage MENA Activities

Joint Collaborations and MoUs were signed with regional partners

2016: University Tour

Local and Regional Tour

A tour of 15 local universities for case studies

Visiting and contacting 25 regional universities

Expand research and verify findings

1st Partner University

First l”Success Partner” university was selected

An MoU and a collaboration agreement was signed

A new series of seminars and presentations on “Smart University”

The holistic approach for the future of universities was explained and emphasized

2017: Projects & Initiatives


A new patent-pending success-skills initiative is introduced

PASSIU is presented as part of the “Smart Education” domain

The initiative is presented to universities locally and regionally

INNOVOA .. The Next Wave

International education in developing countries is studied
A new concept and approach is developed (INNOVOA)

Agreements with two universities (EU, and USA) was signed

Encourage innovation, reform and implementation of INNOVOA concepts

2018: A new Vision

Focus & Consolidate

“Smart University Foundation” was envisioned and formed

A new vision to expand the “Smart University” concept was developed

Blend theories, practical ideas, global awareness, and empowerment

A Prototype University

The world still lacks a real model of a practical affordable “Smart University”

“Global Media University” is envisioned to become such a model

It will be born as a “Smart University”

``Global Academic Community``

S-U-F aspires to be the voice of a “Global Academic Community”

Representing 250+ Million Stakeholders, and 28000+ universities

The world of universities is not 1000 Ranked

Global Founders

The search for “best minds” to shape the future of universities started

Founders for Smart university Foundation must be global

A grass-root membership-based organization is needed to serve

Enriching debates about the future of higher education is needed

2019: Smart University Foundation

S-U-F Board & Advisers

Research & Focus Domains


This will deal with smart applications impacting lectures/notes, textbooks, libraries, E-Learning tools, exams, etc. Smart Education would provide students with an improved approach to practical experiences, and connections to other universities and colleges in their field.


Smart tools are affecting activities in research labs, graduate programs, international cooperation, research tools, conferences, etc. Smart research would enhance the university’s ability to expand its roots in the understanding and critical awareness of basic knowledge, realistic competencies, and the search for practical applications to advance the industry.


This may include smart infrastructure, smart buildings, smart sensors, smart spatial data and analysis, etc.The campus of a “Smart University” will be “smarter” in energy use, air quality, water use, traffic flows and, health and wellbeing. Sensors connected to wifi and mobile network would – for example- collect temperature, humidity and other data for use by facilities staff of the “smart campus”.


University stakeholders include students, professors, staff and employees, leaders and executives, etc. Focus on learning and teaching skills will lead to more knowledge production in instruction and research, and smarter graduates as well. No real “smart university” can be achieved without empowering staff, employees, and executives.


This includes best tools and practices in personnel management, budgeting, policies, procedures, registration, appointments, reporting, data representation, etc. The growing role of technologies in the functioning of universities is making administrators rethink the role they must have in a knowledge-based society. This role has been recently referred to as‘‘Smart governance’’.


A smart university would influence local community, business relations, government cooperation, international collaboration, patents, online presence, etc. It would focus on expanding its influence not only on local communities but also on the society and national interests as well. A smart university can and should make the world become a better place for all.

Success Partners




Join Founders


Smart University Foundation (S-U-F) is global membership-based organization

with founders (Universities, Corporations, NGOs, Students, and Experts) representing 100+ countries from more than 200 universities in different parts of the world.

S-U-F will enhance collaboration and communication between universities, NGOs in higher education, education government officials, global and regional technology and management corporations, students leaders, experts & scientists, and consultants in different fields relating to “Smarter Universities”.

Become a Founder

  • Get Invitation from S-U-F
  • Looking for best minds in the field from all countries
  • Be a voice for a prosper future for universities
  • No financial requirements to become a founder
  • Each founder is expected to add value to S-U-F
  • English is the official language of the organization

Nominate a Founder

  • Looking for individuals who have “changed the game”
  • Now accepting nominations for worldwide
  • Nominations close date: May 31, 2020
  • Founders announced no later than: June 05, 2020
  • Self-nominations are accepted
  • More than one nomination is permitted
  • Reach us at: founders@s-u-f.org


Smart University Foundation, S-U-F
5755 Oberlin Drive
San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Reach us:

+1 (858) 203-1747


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