by: Dr. Bassem K. Khafagy

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

The world today has more than 28,000 universities. They are collectively educating and empowering a good percentage of the next generation of citizens, employees, and entrepreneurs.

The voices of the majority of these 28,000+ universities are not heard loud enough when thought leaders and experts discuss the future of higher education.  Most of the interest and focus is centered around the top 1000 universities in the different rankings world-wide.

The rest; 27000+ universities are extremely underrepresented.  This is about to change!

Dr. Bassem K. Khafagy

Dr. Bassem K. Khafagy

Smart University Foundation must help expand the debates and discussions to include all stakeholders from all corners of the world of higher education. A “Smarter University” will enhance the chance of having stronger and better societies and communities.

We started by inviting a well-balanced and representative roster of founders. S-U-F is envisioned to become a global organization with 200+ founders representing 100+ countries from education ministries, universities, corporations, NGOs, in addition to experts and consultants.

All different types of world universities would be represented in S-U-F; public and private, large and small, research-oriented and teaching-oriented, traditional and online, full programs and specialized, etc.

Members of Smart University Foundations will be a true representation of the spectrum of global higher education. S-U-F will enhance collaboration and communication between stakeholders in higher education, and provide membership services to all working in different fields related to “Smarter Universities”.

It is not sufficient or enough to listen to what the top 1000 universities on world rankings have to say on the future of higher education. 

The debates and the discussions must also represent the other 27,000+ universities who are actually educating most of the global university graduates, and therefore, impacting the future of education, knowledge, and humanity in significant ways.

Smart University Foundation is planning to address this much needed expansion in hearing the voices of all.

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  1. Let us start with finding out how to include all these universities when formulating a mission and some strategic goals for a global smart university. I believe in a global model for smart education but differentiated to fit all different cultures of the global world. Let us join in a global conference around global education.

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