Smart University Foundation, S-U-F

S-U-F is a nonprofit foundation, registered and headquartered in California, USA. It is the first “Global Academic Community” for 250+ million higher education stakeholders. S-U-F is a global membership-based grass-root foundation aims to “Lead, Empower, and Serve Universities Stakeholders for a “Smarter” Future of Universities worldwide”.

S-U-F aspires to be the voice of world universities, in addition to the entire higher education ecosystem – individuals, institutions, corporations, and NGOs. It focuses on “Smart University” as an innovative holistic concept for expanding the understanding and implementation of new technologies, sustainability transformations, best academic practices, and current trends in management, leadership, and quality for a better future of universities globally.

S-U-F is envisioned to become a global foundation with founders representing 120+ countries from education ministries, universities, corporations, NGOs, students, in addition to experts and consultants. S-U-F will enhance collaboration and communication between stakeholders in higher education, and provide membership services to all working in different fields related to “Smarter Universities”.

S-U-F Mission

To provide a global platform in which individuals, institutions, corporations, and NGOs in the global academic community can discover, critically examine, share, preserve, and transmit the knowledge, research, wisdom, and values related to “Smart Universities”.

It will foster international cooperation, understanding, and inclusion that will help ensure the continuous “Smart” progress of world-wide higher education institutions leading to advancing the quality of life for all.

S-U-F aspires to serve 225+ million student, 25+ million staff, 10+ million academicians, 1+ million leaders and executives from 30000+ universities in 200+ Countries.


To represent the “Global Academic Community” and to be a global leader, voice, and authority in getting universities “Smarter” and to share, invent, collaborate, disseminate, and expand related knowledge in the higher education ecosystem for a better world.


Smart University Foundation supports inclusion in all its forms. Thus, the shared values of integrity, fairness, collegiality, and diversity will always be the driving forces of S-U-F’s expansion and success.

Core Strategies

The Pillars of the S-U-F platform is to expand:

  • Global Networking and Academic-Industry Collaboration
  • Research, Innovation, and Academic Reporting and Publishing
  • Higher Education Development and Capacity Building
  • “Smarter” Best Practices, Guidelines, KPIs, Quality, and Rankings

Focus Domains

S-U-F strongly support working, doing research, engaging interested academicians and professionals who are involved in “Smart University” holistic approach in any of the following 8 “Smart Core Strategies” related to university ecosystem:



Buildings, infrastructure, networks, energy, roads, green technologies, security, sustainability, etc.


Lectures/notes, textbooks, libraries, e-learning tools, online education, exams, etc.


Labs, programs, international cooperation, research tools, conferences, publications, patents, etc.


Students, professors, staff and employees, leaders and executives, advisers and consultants,etc.


Quality assurance in teaching, research, impact, processes, procedures, etc


Attracting the best talent, student, staff, professionals, academics, leaders, etc.


Management, budgeting, policies, registration, appointments, reporting, data analytics, etc.


Community, businesses, government, international, patents, online presence, global citizens, etc.

S-U-F Inauguration

The Smart University Foundation, S-U-F will be officially inaugurated during the 2022 Smart University Forum (#SUF22), to be held in Antalya, Turkey, on 14-16 of June 2022. More information can be found on the official website of the Forum (