A Foundation is Formed

  • S-U-F is expanding to become a global organization
  • It is registered as a non-profit foundation in California, USA
  • As of 2019, S-U-F has 200+ founders from 88+ countries
  • Founders include Leaders, Academicians, Experts & Students
  • Also represent Gov. Agencies, Universities, Corporations, and NGOs.


ALEF is Introduced

  • Academic Leaders & Executives Forum (ALEF) was held in Ankara, Turkey
  • University leaders to address educational, operational, & innovation agendas
  • ALEF is a network of academic influencers and university executives
  • ALEF19 was a one-day event preceded by pre-forum workshops


SUFtalks Started

  • A 1-day event in collaboration with universities, corporations, and NGOs
  • An informal regional meeting serving universities leaders & executives
  • International keynote speakers and guest experts
  • Debates and panel discussions focusing on strategic topics