Focus & Consolidate

  • “Smart University Foundation” was envisioned and formed
  • A new vision to expand the “Smart University” concept was developed
  • Blend theories, practical ideas, global awareness, and empowerment


A Prototype University

  • The world still lacks a real model of a practical affordable “Smart University”
  • “Global Media University” is envisioned to become such a model
  • It will be born as a “Smart University”


Global Academic Community

  • S-U-F aspires to be the voice of a “Global Academic Community”
  • Representing 250+ Million Stakeholders, and 30000+ universities
  • The world of universities is not limited to the ranked 1000+


Global Founders

  • The search for “best minds” to shape the future of universities started
  • Founders for Smart university Foundation must be global
  • A grass-root membership-based organization is needed to serve
  • Enriching debates about the future of higher education is needed