Regiane Relva Romano, Ph.D., is Head of Research and General Coordinator of the Smart Campus at UNIFACENS – program that received the “Top Educacional 2016 – ABMES” award, and the “Innovation Award of GS1” in education category, also in 2016, “Smart City UK” in 2017, in London and in 2018 – “Best IoT Implementation Europe IdTechEx” and Top of Academy – RFIDBR 2018.

She is also CEO/CIO of VIP-Systems & Informática & Consultoria Ltd. As a researcher in the business of emerging technologies, she has lectured extensively in China, Germany, Colombia, Poland, The Netherlands, Uruguay, Canada, Spain, Germany, China, Portugal, Spain, United States, and others. Romano is a member of the European RFID/Internet of Things Committee and is vice president of the ISCBA-Smart City Business America Institute. She developed the first smart store in Latin America and is widely recognized as an expert in topics related to smart, sustainable cities. She earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration, with a concentration in Information Technology Management, at FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas), and a master’s degree in Informatics Management of Information Systems from PUC-CAMPINAS. She completed some studies in the improvement of international retailing at the University of Ohio, in RFID at the University of Arkansas, and in business at Columbia University.

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